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Thank you for attending YMU’s Master your Day, Mind Your Time workshop.  These are the package specials offered during the course.


Package #1 Golden Eagles Membership Package
Affordable coaching on your terms! Become the person you truly want to be at the price and convenience you can afford.

  • Get more than 50% off fees on individual coaching sessions—Save $81 per session
  • Free admission to all Golden Eagles Coaching hosted events—Save $25 per event
  • Member discounts with participating partners—Saving s vary by partner and offer
  • Optional Quote of the Day text messages—$9.95 a month value
  • Member only newsletter with action tips weekly.—$9.95 a month value

Total Value over $125 per month

Investment—$24.95 per month*

$14.95 billed monthly (When ordered by midnight MST 11/14/2011)


Package #2 Time Management Coaching Program
Overcome your own time management barriers once and for all. You’ll never have to think about mastering your time again.

  • Custom designed time management system that meets your unique needs.—$150 value
  • One 90 minute individual coaching session to overcome your own time management barriers—$225 value
  • Six week group coaching accountability calls to help you create a new habit and stick to it! – $225 value

Total Value $600

$450.00 (When ordered by midnight MST 11/14/2011)

Package#3 Complete YOU Coaching Program
Start to finish, your best coaching option for a total YOU makeover!

  1. Get everything in Package one for 3 months*.—$74.85value
  2. Get everything in Package two.—$600 value
  3. Plus an additional three 60 minute individual coaching sessions—$450
  4. Plus Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance Wealth & Happiness—$14.95

Total Value—$1139.80

$650.00 (When ordered by midnight MST 11/14/2011) 

#4 Just the book please.

  • Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance Wealth & Happiness—$14.95
$14.95 includes shipping. 


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