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Golden Eagles, LLC takes pride in our privacy policy. We do not believe in overwhelming our customers with unsolicited and annoying emails. We also do not believe in selling names to third party businesses. Your information will be kept completely confidential. You always have the right to opt out of any email or text messaging groups you sign up for. You can also feel confident that your box will not be overwhelmed with email that you will never have time to read. We believe the information we share is valuable and want to make sure you have time to read it. So feel confident sharing your information with us; we know what it’s like to be you.


All physical and downloadable products are backed by a 30 day refund period. No refund, warranty or guarantee is offered on the coaching services referenced herein, however, if you are unhappy with the quality of a session, you may request a refund before the session is over and it will be promptly provided to you.


Physical items such as books will be delivered within 2 weeks from date of purchase. Downloadable products and text messaging services will be provided within 24 to 48 hours of purchase.

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