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Success Paradox – Will Your Current Success Inhibit Future Success?

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Success Paradox – Will Your Current Success Inhibit Future Success?

There’s an interesting thing about success. I call it the Success Paradox. The Success Paradox is the concept that what we most desire from success is the very reason we don’t work hard to achieve more of it. What is this factor? Comfort.

In all of my seminars and workshops and through the feedback of my coaching clients, I know that the number one reason people wish to achieve success is because of the comfort it will provide them. They may not define it that way. In fact, it’s usually called financial freedom, security, independence, etc… But the one thing all of these phrases have in common is that the individual(s) want to be comfortable and worry free.

And there lies the paradox.

You see, it isn’t possible to achieve a high level of success without expanding your comfort zone.

Success is created through trial and error, failures endured, pressure mounted. Success (that lasts) rarely happens out of luck or pure fortune but almost always from hard work, perseverance and the right attitude.  For this reason, it’s rarely found within the comfort zone.

Breaking the Success Paradox

If you really wish to reach a higher level of success, here’s an activity that may help you to break the paradox.

Take 15 or 20 minutes to perform this activity. Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line from top to bottom down the middle. On the left, write down all of the things you enjoy about your life right now.  On the right, write down all of the things you’d like to improve about your life now. Now turn the paper over. On the left, write down all of the things you believe will make your life more comfortable that you don’t currently have now. On the right, write down what you are willing to give up to make those improvements in your life and gain those things.

If you find you are not willing to give up much, or don’t list many things you’d like to change, then you may have already reached your ideal level of success. On the other hand, if you have a large list of wants and not many things you are willing to give up, you may continue to struggle because your wants aren’t a strong enough motivator to change.  However, if you have a good list of wants and a STRONG list of sacrifices, then you are well on your way to breaking the Success Paradox.

If you would like to work on breaking your success paradox, please check into our life coaching packages.

Did you try this exercise? What were your results?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, or drop me a note.


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