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Doing Things YOU Hate

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Doing Things YOU Hate

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One of my favorite YOU Coach clients is my 16 year old son.  He’s so receptive to my coaching and even wrote about how appreciative he is for it in my Mother’s Day Card (which he hand drew, btw).

He’s a really great kid.  He’s very outgoing, social and positive.  However, he struggles in school.  He has no interest in doing homework and doesn’t really care if he isn’t getting good grades.  This, of course, is a challenge for me as a mother and a past honor roll student, not to mention the fact that I have been utterly unable to motivate him to do better (somewhat of a personal slap in the face as a YOU Coach).

It’s almost the end of the school year (just one more week).  It’s his very last chance to pull a couple of his grades up to passing.  Today we had another “talk”.  The focus today, got away from the value and importance of getting good grades.  Instead we talked about a very different concept.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

I’m not sure who originally said that quote but I first heard it from T. Harv Eker.

I reminded my son of this quote, and of which he regularly reminds me.  I shared with him that school is a testing ground, a place to learn the necessary skills to make it in the real world and achieve the level of success and freedom that he already knows he wants.  This is the perfect practice session for what is to come next and, if he can prove to himself that he can overcome his total lack of desire and drive to do well in school, then he can overcome any and all challenges that present themselves in his life to come.

I made him realize that it isn’t about the grades; it’s about what he’s willing to do to be successful in life.

When was the last time you chose not to do something you hated to do even if it would provide you with a valuable leap forward in your current status or personal growth?  What thing do you keep putting off because it isn’t fun or pleasant?

Nicole Bandes

Nicole has scaled her own personal mountain to climb out of ordinary. For over 20 years, Nicole Bandes has studied the most effective methods to increase happiness and success in her own life and in business. She has gone on to helped thousands of people in their own personal journeys to reach their goals. Contact Nicole if you are ready to stop being ordinary and have a guided tour to reach your summit of success.

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