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Nicole doesn’t like saying she is a public speaker and she certainly is much more that a motivational speaker but those two terms seem to be what most people connect with.  The fact is, what Nicole does is to present topics, discuss them with her audience and walks through activities that allow for immediate improvement and longer lasting change.  Public speakers and/or motivational speakers tend to stand at the front of a room and talk and talk.  Nicole has come to realize that this practice is something like taking a shower before you go to the gym.  Is there really a point?  Were you even listening?

“I recently attended an event where Nicole was one of the featured speakers. Not only was the information she shared valuable to me personally and professionally, her animated presentation style was refreshing! I look forward to attending another one of her sessions in the future.” — Lori Wieters, Ph.D.

We live in an ADHD/MTV society that wants information fast and in a way that can be easily retained.  Nicole is able to present to groups, large or small in a manner that will get to the heart of the issue and foster more than a quick fix.

“Nicole is a dynamic speaker, very comfortable on the stage but makes you feel like she’s just talking to you.  She uses colorful examples, and keeps you engaged.  Put her on the stage and relax, she will get the job done!” — Kevin Mogavero, Six Degrees Leadership


  • How to Create Habits That Last a Lifetime – Learn the basics of habits, what they are, how to create them and how to make them last.
  • How to Gain a Positive Attitude in 10 Min or Less – We are surrounded by negative thoughts and information.  Learn the skills necessary to deal with this negativity whether it is from the outside world or from within.
  • How to Reprogram Your Fear So You Can Succeed at Anything! – Fear stops us from reaching many of our goals.  We struggle to overcome the overwhelming feelings long enough to act.  Learn the process to overcome your fears and begin with some useful tools.
  • Master Your TIME – Unlock the secret that is preventing you from becoming an effective time and project manager and discover the missing time in your day.

If you do not see a topic that meets the needs of your group, please contact Nicole.  She may be able to change an existing program or create something just for your organization.

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