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Having a positive attitude is important. For many, that’s already well known. The challenge comes in when attempting to create that positive attitude. How does one go about CHOOSING to think positive when there are so many negative things going on around us? The hard part is not in KNOWING that positivity is important, it’s in knowing HOW to be more positive. Positivity on Purpose provides over 40 different techniques meant to give you easy to follow exercises that you can use right now to shift your thinking to be more positive. Using this book as a resource to go back to over and over again will foster intentional thoughts and attitudes for success in personal and business life.

I’ve read quite a few books om PMA, and this book was very refreshing. I appreciated how the author relayed so many personal stories and made them fit into each lesson. I also liked the “action items” at the end of each chapter. They were great take-aways to help remind us to implement what we learned! The key is to practice the action items. We can read and talk about it… or, as the author proves, we can do it and make a difference in our lives. – Vincent

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This book is a must read for:

  • Network Marketing groups
  • Cancer (and other illness) Healing groups
  • Churches
  • Youth groups
  • Women’s clubs
  • and many more!


I grew up around the constant notion of being Positive, and having a PMA. However, Nicole found a refreshing way to not only remind me of how negativity can creep back into my life, but also Action Steps to continually practice to shift the negative back toward the positive. The 2 items of value I specifically had “A-HA” moments over were realizing that it’s the detours we encounter on our journey toward a goal that can be even more valuable than the goal itself. And the concept of re-charging my battery in making a shift from always “go, go, go” that can burn me out was a welcome reminder. Whether you’ve read a thousand PMA books or not, I’m sure you will receive some valuable insights to continue to grow by reading “Positivity on Purpose”! – Paul Guerrero

About the Author

Nicole Bandes holds a degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University. Nicole began her journey over 30 years ago when, as a young child, she decided she wanted to own her own business. Coming from a working parent background where the belief was to get a good job and work till you retire if your lucky, this was a little unusual. Nicole has spent several years attempting to discover who she was and why she was here. She always knew she was meant for greater things than what she was doing. Nicole struggled with self esteem, confidence and direction in her life. But, through many years of self discovery, education and personal development she has found her path and now she wants to help others find theirs. Nicole wants to show others how what you believe doesn’t have to control you if you don’t want it to.

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Join the Positivity on Purpose Community

This isn’t just a book, it’s a community.  Join the discussion on Facebook and learn new tips and techniques as well as have an opportunity to surround yourself with other positive thinkers.  Positive thinking isn’t something that happens over night.  On this community you can stay in touch and be reminded regularly of ways in which you can think more positively.



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