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Are you enjoying the Gratitude Project but ready to take the next step in your Positivity Transformation?
or Are you struggling with sticking to your daily gratitudes?




Nicole Bandes

“Give me 30 days and I’ll present, guide and encourage you to end your negative mindset once and for all and create a positive, happy life that will result in greater abundance and wealth in everything you choose.” -Nicole Bandes


When you join the POSITIVITY on PURPOSE WHOLE MIND MAKEOVER you’ll learn these secrets …

  • *How to take the next step from Gratitude to a complete positivity makeover.
  • *How a positive attitude will increase your wealth.
  • *Ways to think more positively even in the midst of negative events or people.
  • *The effects of negativity on your mind, body and health.
  • *How to remove the obstacles that are currently blocking you from success.
  • *How to overcome the fear and anxiety that keep you stuck.
  • *What to do when dealing with negative people around you.
  • *How to create a permanent positive attitude on purpose.

And much, much more with this 30 day program…


“Before engaging in Nicole’s 30-day coaching and Positivity on Purpose I was happy. I had done a lot of work on my thought patterns and how I perceived various experiences in my life. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most happy, I would have rated myself as a constant 8. After the 30-day program with Nicole I would rate myself as a 9.5. Her program was a booster to the work I had already done! Nicole is incorporating positive psychology and utilizing very powerful processes, that when used, will change how a person thinks and perceives life experiences.” – Matthew Kuehlhorn

Discover what all those Facebook positive message posters really wish they had; a strong, lasting positive attitude!


 Learning to be positive isn’t something you can do just by deciding to. There’s no light switch in our brains for turning it on or off.

The most positive people have learned to develop a certain attitude and outlook on things. They’ve either learned or naturally have certain tendencies that lend to positivity.


 But here’s the good news!


Anyone can learn the skills necessary to be a positive person and reap the rewards that a positive attitude offers! EVEN YOU!


Positivity on Purpose Whole Mind Makeover

 The Positivity on Purpose Whole Mind Makeover is a 30 day program that will allow you to overcome negativity and become more positive on purpose. This program combines the incredible benefits of a self guided system with the support and encouragement of group coaching.Here’s what you will receive…

  • *30 days of emails with detailed activities to be completed the following day that will expand your ability to think more positively in any situation.
  • *All of the activities are designed based on the principles of the book, Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth & Happiness by Nicole Bandes.
  • *Each activity is presented in a specific series that is meant to help build upon themselves for the best possible outcome.
  • *Weekly group coaching calls to offer guidance, support and encouragement during the entire process.
  • *A network of contacts that will foster and support your individual growth.

If you could have a more positive attitude in just 30 days, wouldn’t you do anything you could to achieve that?
Do you really WANT to continue to be unhappy and upset all the time?


Act now for these Bonuses!

1. A print copy of Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth & Happiness by Nicole Bandes. Get the most out of this program by following the activities and learning the meaning behind them as written in this best selling book. – A $14.95 Value!
2. A great daily reminder of your Positivity habit and declaration to the world, wear this bracelet for 30 days to keep you on the right track. – A $5.00 Value!
3. ME! As a limited time bonus, you will also receive 4 one-on-one “Life Line” mini sessions. These phone calls can be invaluable at times of high stress and tension when you really need a positive kick in the butt! With these mini sessions, you can call up for a 15 minute coaching session without prior schedule. Call me when you MOST need it! I guarantee, this is going to be WELL worth your early registration and will be limited to the first 20 sign ups only. – A $125 Value!


Register today for this amazing transformational program and, in just 30 days, you can climb out of your unhappy, negative life!


Dates: October 15th to November 13th, 2012
Location: Your home or office


Are you ready to invest just $99 to transform your life?

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