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Story Friday – Turning Trouble into Triumph

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Story Friday – Turning Trouble into Triumph

March 30, 2012      In Motivate and Inspire 4 Comments

I love Success Magazine. I first started reading it almost three years ago and have barely missed an issue since. One of the regular writers for the magazine is Mel Robbins. She got started as a life coach and is now doing radio and even hosts A&E’s show Monster-in-Laws.  In this month’s issue of the magazine, Mel shares a story of how she was able to turn trouble into triumph.

The story is about how she lost her phone in JFK Airport and had to recover it within a 40 min time frame. Does she do it? Well, of course she does. But go read HOW she did it. It’s a great story. Turning Trouble into Triumph.

Here are some of the incredible lessons I learned from this story.

  • Ask for help.
  • Know that, when you ask for help, you will receive that which you ask for.
  • Empower those you ask for help so they are more willing to help you.
  • You never know where the help you need will come from. Don’t assume anything won’t work.
  • When you accomplish your goal, show your appreciation.
  • Be grateful.

Are you the kind of person that would have said, “Oh well, nothing I can do now”,  or are you more like Mel and willing to give it your all in the time you have to accomplish the task?

Do you have a great story that offers some wonderful opportunitites to learn and grow? I’d love to hear it and possibly feature it on Story Friday. Please submit via my contact form or email.

Nicole Bandes

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4 Comments so far:

  1. Shawn says:

    Let’s just say I’m working on that. lol But I love your 7 steps.

  2. I have been there before, and Mel is right- those airline clubs pay for their membership many times over. From lost items, to rerouting due to airplane/airport problems, to needing a forgotten item..
    and, yes- they deserve the thanks they earned.

    Thanks for sharing, Nicole.

  3. Nicole Bandes says:

    Shawn, me too. Not that I’m opposed to it but I never quite had the mindset that it was at least worth trying for something like that. I would have seen the phone behind the glass and would have given up. Now I know to push on and see what I can do anyway!

  4. Nicole Bandes says:

    The funny thing is, she wasn’t even a member of that airline club. It worked anyway!

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