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The Last Time Management Seminar You Will Ever Need – Resources

This is a list of resources discussed during the call.

Master Your Time Weekly Schedule and Task List (Excel spread sheet)

Last Time Management Replay

Take your Time Management to the next step with our Accountability Coaching program.


Holding ourselves accountable to our goals is often the most challenging step to reaching those goals. – Nicole Bandes

  • When was the last time you set goals for yourself only to fall short of success because you could think of a million reasons to do something else?
  • How often do you find yourself not doing what you tell yourself you will do and justify the reasons?
  • Do you struggle to prioritize your goals in order to reach your ultimate success?


Goal setting is easy. Reaching those goals is often much more challenging. There are a lot of reasons we don’t reach our goals but there is one simply solution to the vast majority of those reasons. Accountability.

When you have someone holding you accountable to the goals you are setting for yourself, you have a much stronger sense of obligation to achieve those goals.

Working with a life coach as your accountability partner gives the added advantage of having someone that can help you through the stumbling blocks as they come up. And knowing that your partner won’t lose interest in your goals!


Here’s How it Works.

  • Schedule a 60 minute intro session where we determine what your active goals are and how you best want to be held accountable for those goals. We’ll discuss the “contract” details including what will happen if you fail to follow through on weekly action steps.
  • Once we have completed the intro session, we will schedule weekly 15 minutes phone sessions. These sessions will be used to review last week’s progress and determine your top 3 priorities for the coming week.
  • As needed, we can schedule additional 60 minute sessions to work on obstacles that may be coming up. These sessions will be booked at the TrailBlazer Membership rate.


Get ready to see your success SKYROCKET!


Sign up for Accountability Today!

Success Partner Accountability Program and TrailBlazer Membership

Regular investment: $179 First month includes one 60 min intro session plus weekly 15 min sessions. Additional months will be billed at $115.

Get started today for just $99 for the first month. (Additional months billed at the $115 rate). Offer valid through 1/19/13.

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