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Tools You Can Use – Organized Cleaning

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Tools You Can Use – Organized Cleaning

I thought it would be interesting to test out a regular blog post on tools that I have found to make my life easier and maybe they’ll help you too.  After all, part of coaching is providing tips to a better life.

My life coaching tool for today is is a free website that provides organization to the chaos that is keeping a clean home.  I hate to spend all day cleaning and tend to be the kind of person that believes no one will care or remember  how dirty my home was when I die, at least as long as I’m not one of those people on the TV show Hoarders, Buried Alive.  I discovered this tool several years ago as a way to make cleaning more manageable.  It breaks the process down into bite size tidbits that are easy to deal with and almost fun to perform.

The site provides great support if you need it but be forewarned, you will receive a LOT of emails.  Don’t get bogged down reading all of them.  You’ll quickly learn to pick out the ones that have the information you need so just delete the rest.

Having a clean home can make us feel energized and ready to take on the world.  This site might be just what you need to get yours that way.

Nicole Bandes

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