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Story Friday – The Donkey and the Well

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Story Friday – The Donkey and the Well

This is one of my favorite stories of staying positive even in the most negative of times.

There once was an farmer who owned a donkey.  One day the donkey fell into the farmer’s old well.  The farmer tried and tried to figure out how to rescue the donkey from the well but eventually determined that neither the well nor the donkey were worth the time or expense to save.

The farmer decided he would bury the donkey in the well to put the donkey out of it’s misery.  He began to shovel dirt into the well.  Initially, the donkey went into panic afraid of his impending death. The donkey began to shiver and shake.  Then the donkey realized that, with each shake of his body, the dirty fell down to the ground raising the ground up just a little bit higher.  It was then he decided he would just Shake it off and Step Up with each shovel of dirt that was meant to be his final resting place.

With each shovel meant to put him to his death, the donkey fought the panic and took the fearful step up.   Over and over again, the donkey would feel each shovel of dirt and Shake it off and Step UP, until, at last, the donkey reached the top of the well and stepped over the edge.

Every shovel of dirt that was meant to bury the donkey served to help him live.  If the donkey had continued to stay negative, he would have not seen his opportunity to turn the negative into a positive that would save his life.

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