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Nicole’s World – Why I Like Mondays

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Nicole’s World – Why I Like Mondays

Why do I like Mondays?  I actually LOVE Mondays because it is the start of something new.  No matter how rough last week may have been, Monday is an opportunity to start all over.  Anything can begin on a Monday.  It’s like having 52 chances for New Year’s Resolutions.  So here are a few things I find myself starting over on Mondays (and being grateful that I do).

  • Work outs
  • Organization
  • Making calls
  • Eating right
  • Taking vitamins
  • Random Acts of Kindness

There are lots of things we get to start over on Monday.  But the best one is when I have had a stressful or challenging week, I know that Monday is a fresh new start and I get to CHOOSE how I want this week to be.

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