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Fees for life coaching and business coaching are always a hot topic.  Ask a life coach or a business coach and they’ll tell you that the life coaching fee should be painful enough to encourage the person to take action.  That usually translates to $100, $200, $500 or more per hour of time.  Is it worth that, ABSOLUTELY! Most of the time, anyway.  There will be good and bad in every industry at every price point.

Unfortunately, what this means for the average Jane or Joe looking to work with a life coach is that they are left out in the cold.  They have to choose paying the rent or feeding their family over paying high prices for coaching, even if it is an incredible investment that will pay off huge dividends in the end.

One third of Americans are leading unsatisfactory lives.  The economy is suffering and life coaching is just getting further and further out of reach for those that need it most.

Golden Eagles Coaching founder, Nicole Bandes, remembers that time when she really wanted to hire a life coach.  No matter how much she knew it would help her, she couldn’t justify the expense.  It was just too much of a leap.  Instead, she spent years going through, muddling along, struggling to find the answers on her own until she could afford the high fees coaches were charging.  She knew, when she became a coach, it would be different.  She was going to make coaching accessible to those in need.

At Golden Eagles Coaching, we’ve taken life coaching and business coaching out of the exclusive access of those in the top financial tiers and made it accessible to everyone.

Trailblazer Coaching Membership

Life coaching and business coaching are both most productive when performed on a regular, consistent basis.  However, the cost and convenience of coaching may sometimes make this a challenge.  A Golden Eagles Coaching membership allows individuals to access all of our coaches at significantly discounted rates as well as taking advantage of a variety of benefits not otherwise available.

Member Benefits:

Seeker Explorer Pathfinder
Members only newsletter complete with weekly action steps not available anywhere else for those interested in some self guided coaching.
Partner Program discounts.      
The General Store Discount 5%  10%  25%
Live Seminars/Webinars Discounts presented by Golden Eagles Coaching  10%  25%  100%
Access to growing database of forms, templates and worksheets.    
Email Support – Ask your questions via email.  1 per month  2 per month  4 per month
One-on-one Coaching fees discounts. Non-member rate is $150. 10% 25% 50%
 Accountability Check in (15 min phone call) 2 per month 4 per month
Weekly Mastermind Call

Full Value

$280+ $770+ $1350+

 Your Investment

$57 Monthly

$97 Monthly

$137 Monthly




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