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Regaining the Vision to Reach your Goals

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Regaining the Vision to Reach your Goals

February 13, 2012      In Goals By ,,,,, 4 Comments

It often takes a new, deeper perspective to reach our goals.  Even if you have done a good job of setting your goals and started to take action to achieve your goals, if you are like most every other person, you’ll find yourself stuck at some point and begin wondering what’s the point or purpose.  You may find yourself listening to that little voice in your head (you know, the one that is saying “what little voice” right now) and coming up with a lot of great reasons that you don’t need to keep working on that goal.

And then there are times when we can see the end of the race and we just start to peter out.  We may actually reach our goal but just barely and with no more enthusiasm than a wet noodle.

Regaining the Vision to Reach your Goals

Do you remember these 3D posters?  They were all the rage in the early 1990’s.  The idea with these posters is to blur your vision a little and attempt to look THROUGH the image and 3D picture of something would become clear.

(Note: I was never very good at these!)

One of my coaching clients asked me recently how he could get back on track after about 6 weeks of personal stuff that side tracked him from his goal.  He still knew what his goal was but wasn’t quite as motivated at that moment to work towards what he had previously been so very passionate about.

In success coaching and goal setting, we often talk about the why.  Why are you setting this goal? What is the purpose? What do you hope to gain?

Regaining the vision to reach your goals is a lot like finding the hidden image in a 3D picture.  Instruction guides for seeing 3-D images suggest the following 3 tips.  1. Pick a spot and focus on that one spot, blurring your vision to anything else.  2. Don’t just look at the image, try looking through the image.  3. Keep going, don’t give up!

Let’s take these one at a time.

First, you have to select your spot and focus on that one spot, blurring your vision to all the other things around you.  When we focus on our goal and blur our vision to everything else, the shiny little objects no longer distract us from our mission.  A lot of things may be demanding your attention.  By blurring your vision to those things, it will help you actually focus on what is most important.

Second, don’t look at the image, look THROUGH the image.  Its important to look PAST our goals, to look through them to the other side.  Reaching your goal isn’t (or shouldn’t be) just about then end goal.  It is usually (and should be) about who and what you become by accomplishing that goal.  It should be about what the accomplishment of that goal will bring next.  Often, these things aren’t known when we set the goals, much like the hidden picture isn’t known when we first look at the image, but they are there and those rewards are far greater than reaching the goal itself.

And third, Don’t give up!  If you are not inherently good at finding the image within a 3D picture, it can be very frustrating and make you want to give up.  Sounds like reaching goals, doesn’t it.  If you don’t feel some frustration when going for your goal, you probably haven’t set a big enough goal.  Knowing that this frustration is a good sign will help you keep going.  You are on the right track.

When you get side tracked or find yourself lacking motivation to continue on with your goal, think of the 3D pictures and remember these three steps. 1. Focus, 2. Look through, 3. Don’t give up.  You’ll find yourself back on track in no time.

When to Seek a Coach

Sometimes we need extra help.  Consider contacting us to set up a session in the following situations.

  • You aren’t sure your goals still fit.
  • You can’t seem to quiet the little voice that tells you why you shouldn’t.
  • You don’t seem to be able to focus on the goal and get easily distracted despite your best efforts.
  • You really want to give up but aren’t sure if you really should.
  • You can’t get past the frustration.

What do you do to regain the vision to reach your goals?
I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.


Nicole Bandes

Nicole has scaled her own personal mountain to climb out of ordinary. For over 20 years, Nicole Bandes has studied the most effective methods to increase happiness and success in her own life and in business. She has gone on to helped thousands of people in their own personal journeys to reach their goals. Contact Nicole if you are ready to stop being ordinary and have a guided tour to reach your summit of success.

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4 Comments so far:

  1. Debi says:

    I tend to doubt the small little voice that seems to be talking to me constantly — sorting out the good from the bad sometimes seems impossible.

  2. Nicole Bandes says:

    Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. It takes someone else’s perspective to allow us to see, REALLY see, what’s right in front of us.

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