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MLM Corner – Blending Network Marketing with Traditional Networking

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MLM Corner – Blending Network Marketing with Traditional Networking

Multi-level or Networking Marketing in the traditional business world is not always easy based on what network marketers are taught by their uplines.  There are many theories on how best to build a network marketing or MLM business.  Most of those theories are promoted by those within the industry based on what will produce the biggest financial return in the shortest period of time.   Not all theories on building a network marketing business are bad.  The key is to evaluate each of them and decide for yourself.

I have spent over 15 years in network marketing and MLM companies.  The last five of those years was spent marketing that business in a traditional business world.  I broke out of the network marketing model and began to attend networking events and advertise in more traditional ways.  Some interesting observations…

  • Many traditional business networkers hate network marketers.
  • They hate network marketing even more.
  • Many events have banned network marketers from attending for these reasons.

It sure does make it difficult to network in that kind of atmosphere!

Here’s a few really quick tips on how to network amongst traditional business owners and sales people.

  • Don’t talk about money.
  • Do lead with the product.
  • Don’t require attendance at a business opportunity meeting for them to try the product.
  • Don’t ask for referrals to people interested in earning more money.
  • Do build relationships.  A networking event is not a room full of prospects.
  • Do follow up to learn what you can do for them (outside of more promotion for your business).
  • Do ask permission to add them to your newsletters if you send them, rather than just automatically subscribing every person you meet.

The best thing about network marketing or MLM is that just about anybody can get in.  The worst thing about network marketing or MLM is that just about anybody can get in.

I’m doing a little research for a project I’m working on. If you are a business owner or sales person but are NOT a network marketer, please send me a message (with brutal honesty) of your views of network marketers and WHY. I need as many responses as I can get!  Please use the Contact page for privacy.

Nicole Bandes

Nicole has scaled her own personal mountain to climb out of ordinary. For over 20 years, Nicole Bandes has studied the most effective methods to increase happiness and success in her own life and in business. She has gone on to helped thousands of people in their own personal journeys to reach their goals. Contact Nicole if you are ready to stop being ordinary and have a guided tour to reach your summit of success.

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4 Comments so far:

  1. Great suggestions! I have considered networking groups but haven’t heard that they offer a lot of return for the time and money invested.

    What have you found in your experience?


  2. Eagles says:

    Jeanine, as with everything else, it is 100% about what you put into them. Check out several once or twice to find one that is a good natural fit for you and what you offer and then make it a part of your routine for at least 6 months. Networking groups can be very beneficial when worked properly (and not like a room full of prospects where you have to stamp a yes or no on the foreheads of each before leaving the room).

  3. Ian Ellison says:

    You are absolutley right about networking events are for building relationships. I am having some difficulty in finding a group that reflects manufacturing, fabrication etc. I have thought of starting my own group – how do you find/obtain a person’s email address ?. Many companies dont list an email for their management.

  4. Nicole Bandes says:

    Ian, if you know one or two people within those industries already, they may be able to help get you connected to the other companies.

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