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Facebook Fan Page Tips Anyone Can Do

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Facebook Fan Page Tips Anyone Can Do

There’s a lot of small business owners that have or want to start Facebook Fan pages but are overwhelmed by the fancy pages they see and feel they just don’t have the knowledge or money to do something like that.  The good news is, you don’t have to.  A fan page doesn’t have to be fancy.  It just has to serve it’s purpose.

Now, there are probably easily 500 different blog posts on Facebook Fan Page tips.  This one is meant to focus on the things that anyone can do, even the person without a lot of time or talent.

Facebook Fan Page Tips Anyone Can Do

Tip 1 – Know what you want your fan page to accomplish.  For some businesses, this may be their only web presence and simply be there to serve as a place where people can get contact info.  For others, the goal may be to obtain new prospects and customers.  And for yet others, it may be to engage current customers and keep them informed.  Know what your main purpose is and allow that to be the guide for all of the decisions you make around the fan page content.

Tip 2 – Quality is better than quantity – Hmm… I typed that and realized this is actually relevant to two aspects of Facebook Fan Pages.

2a – Fans – Having quality fans is better than having quantity fans.  It doesn’t matter one bit if you have 50, 500 or 5000 fans if none of them are interacting or seeing your posts.  Go for those that will actually have an interest in what you are posting, not just liking your page because you liked theirs or because they are a part of the same group you are.  While it’s nice to get lots of fans, it’s one of those things that makes you feel good but has no real value.

2b – Posts – Again, Quality over Quantity but at least 2 posts a week. Too many posts will get people to unlike your fan page.  Too little will make your fans forget who you are.  Two to four posts a week should be about right and easily manageable.

I’ve seen a lot of small business owners, particularly network marketers and direct sellers, posting just about their products or biz opps.  Odds are, you don’t want your fan page to be just a one-way newsletter for your business.  Posting just about products is fine if the main goal of your site is to provide information for current customers or as your primary website without the intention of attracting prospects or new customers.  However, if your goal is to get new prospects and customers, your fan page should be engaging.

Find questions that are relevant to your product or service and post them.  Include links to articles that talk about complementary products or services to yours.  Encourage your fans to post their product or service questions.

Tip 3 – Respond!  Make sure you acknowledge all of your fans by responding to comments and thanking them.

Tip 4 – Visit other people’s fan pages and comment on their pages.  Consider sharing their content on your fan page.  People will reciprocate in kind.

Tip 5 – Include the URL when asking others to like your page.  When you post in groups or on your personal page, asking others to like your fan page, make it stupid easy for them by including the direct link.  To do so, you just go to the address bar of your browser, copy the address, and paste it into the comment.  Facebook will automatically link it to your fan page.  Sometimes I leave the preview it comes up with and sometimes, I remove it.  It just depends on where I’m posting it and what the etiquette is for that location.

Tip 6 – Share content that gets shared.  What kind of posts do you see that are relevant to your content that get shared on Facebook?  Start posting those to your fan page.  Each time it is shared on Facebook, a link to your fan page is included.

Bonus Tip – Unless it is totally inappropriate for your particular fan page, HAVE FUN!  The more fun people have, the more likely they are to keep coming back.

You can check out my fan page at The YOU Coach.

Would you like me to give you a quick review of your fan page?
Post the link in the comments and I’ll take a look and give you my quick thoughts on what you can do to improve.

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