23 Gratitude Quotes to Motivate and Inspire

Gratitude, it probably comes as no surprise, changed my life. I find it to be such an important point in our journey to reaching our true potential that it is one thing I require of all my coaching clients.

Since we are in the midst of this year’s Gratitude Project, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite gratitude quotes and thoughts.

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Gratitude Project Guidelines

To help avoid confusion as to the expectations of the Gratitude Project, I have written this little list of guidelines.

First off, there are no “rules”. This is your project to do with as you feel it works best for you. If you’d like some ideas on how to express your gratitude, I recommend checking out my book, Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth and Happiness. (also available on Kindle).

There are no rules but here are a few recommended practices.

Step 1 - Join the Gratitude Project by registering at http://goldeneaglescoaching.com/gratitude-project-2012/.

Step 2 - Join the Positivity On Purpose Facebook Group by going to http://www.facebook.com/groups/positivityonpurpose/ and clicking Join Group in the upper right.

Step 3 – Participate by posting your gratitude each day. You can post on your own wall or on the Facebook Group. I recommend posting in both locations. Ideally, use the following format so that we can identify your posts as part of the Gratitude Project.

Day 3 Gratitude Project – Today I’m grateful that I can sleep for 10 hours straight when my body says I need to and not have to call to report sick to anyone! Positivity on Purpose.

By typing @positivityonpurpose, Facebook should provide a drop down list of options for you to choose from. Select the one with the shooting star and our group page will be tagged.

Then copy the text and post it on the Positivity on Purpose group page.


Alternatively – if you are not able to be on Facebook regularly, or choose not to participate in that way, please feel free to use a journal or notebook to record your gratitudes. There are a few people that stop in and post several days worth of gratitudes that they have recorded at one time. This works too. Remember, there are no rules.

Step 4 – Share. If you are so inclined, the registration page is the best page to share with those you know to get them involved in the project as well. That page again is, http://goldeneaglescoaching.com/gratitude-project-2012/. There is a Share Bar at the bottom of that page that you can use to share to your Facebook, Twitter, etc… Or just use the direct link.

Gratitude Round Up

As we are right at the start of the Gratitude Project 2012, here’s a round up of some of my most popular gratitude blog posts.


Who Packed Your Parachute – A reminder to be grateful for the unseen people in our lives.

The 3 Levels of Gratitude – Did you know there are different types of gratitude? Where do you fall on the spectrum?

But There’s Nothing to be Grateful For – While most people realize there’s plenty, some struggle to see anything good in their lives.

Using the Law of Attraction to Achieve – Step one, gratitude.


In addition, here are a few of my favorite posts on gratitude from around the net.

Why Living a Life of Gratitude Can Make you Happy by Leo Babauta

To Be Great, Be Grateful by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine

The Benefits of Gratitude


Do you have a favorite article or story of Gratitude? Please share in the comments below.

The 3 Levels of Gratitude

There are 3 levels of gratitude where one individual could be. The further along an individual moves, the more likely it is they reach true happiness and success.  It’s almost cliche these days but gratitude can truly transform your life.

Gratitude allows you to focus on the positive, increases your immune system, improves your mental and physical state and makes you more attractive to those around you!

Most people get that concept. They want to believe in the power of gratitude but they still don’t quite put it into practice regularly.  Let’s see if we can figure out why. Read the rest of this entry »

Gratitude Project 2011 Update

Gratitude Project 2011One could say I’m obsessed with gratitude.  I can think of worse things with which to be obsessed.

Gratitude Project 2011

The Gratitude Project 2011 is taking off like wildfire.  In one week, the project has grown to over 500 likes on Facebook.  There are now just 83 days left till Thanksgiving in the US and we still have a long way to go.  If we have lofty goals to affect just 1/10th of 1% of the number of Facebook users that is 750 thousand likes.  Since Barack Obama has over 22 million likes, I think we can easily reach that number.  In addition, we’ll be spreading the word to many THOUSANDS of individuals that choose to participate in their own way but not directly through Facebook.

But WHY?

Is your little kid coming out asking that all important question?  But WHY should we do this? Why should we use gratitude and encourage 750 thousand people to like a fan page about gratitude?

Because gratitude is a singular subject that every person can understand, at least in theory, and accept to be a good and wholesome thing.  Because finding one common denominator that unites an entire planet is a worthwhile cause that can shift the tide we are currently swimming against.  Because people are innately selfish (and there is nothing wrong with that) and they want to see a change within themselves before they care to see a change in the world.  Because gratitude is the agent that can do all of this at once.

What’s In It For Me?

In any given situation, there are two factors that control our level of success (really more than that but we’ll keep it simple here).  There is the internal and the external.  There’s the stuff that goes on by our own thoughts and actions and there’s the stuff that happens seemingly beyond our own control (the economy, job market, trade agreements, prices of products, etc…)

It seems that the one factor we can control is within us.  We can make different choices and take different actions.  A while back, I wrote a blog post on the Law of Attraction.  I wrote it knowing that about half the people familiar with it love it and the other half think it’s hogwash.  This particular post was meant to bring a little science to the ideas and concepts.  The Law of Attraction works.  It starts with gratitude.  Using these concepts and really implementing the idea of gratitude will allow you to have different thoughts making it easier to make different choices.

But what about the external?  That’s where the Gratitude Project 2011 comes in.  While expressing our gratitude for ourselves, can change ourselves; sharing our gratitude with others and encouraging them to do the same can help influence and change the world thus creating a more favorable environment for success.

There are many worthwhile causes in the world. Some make a huge difference for a small number of people.  Some make a small difference for a larger number of people.  Gratitude Project 2011 can make a huge difference for the entire world.

Are you on board?

Gratitude Project 2011

As a life coach, I’ve preached the importance of gratitude over and over.  But, what would happen in your life and in the world if you spent just 90 days showing gratitude?  Today is August 26th.  There are exactly 90 days till Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

What if you found just one thing to be grateful for every day for the next 90 days? What if you helped to spread this message to all those you knew and got them expressing more gratitude? Could that change the world?

In 2009, I started posting my gratitude daily on Facebook starting the beginning of November.  I did this consistently for the remainder of the month and liked the results so much I never stopped.  It has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.

Gratitude can change your life.  IT WILL change your life if you let it.  It is such an incredibly simple thing to do.  And, while many things are simple but not easy, this is also an easy thing to do.  It takes very little time to record one thing for which to be grateful each day.

Gratitude Project 2011

So here’s the idea.  Let’s unite the world through gratitude.

1. Post a gratitude on your wall every single day for the next 90 days.
2. Share on your wall, in your groups, on fan pages, in newsletters and blog posts, everywhere and anywhere you can think to and get the entire Facebook community sharing their gratitude as well.

With this one small act, we can effect major change.  Watch it happen.

Join the Fan page here and get started on your 90 days of Gratitude!

But Why?

Why is the Gratitude Project 2011 so important? Every day we hear stories of people who have lost their jobs, homes, businesses. What we aren’t hearing are the stories of people who have gotten jobs, bought new homes or grown incredible businesses. Having a place to share our gratitudes allows us all to see the wonderful things that are happening in the world!


Please also consider stopping back here periodically to check in and let us know how it’s going.  We’d love to get your input on this.  Will we notice a global difference by making a change in our own personal lives?  What do you think?

Please see our update to the Gratitude Project here.

Things I’m Grateful For

Today is the start of Gratitude Project 2012. This second annual event encompasses sharing your gratitude for 90 days until Thanksgiving day in the USA. In honor of this project, I thought I’d take a moment to start you off and list 90 things for which I am grateful. Please feel free to use these as prompts for your own gratitude.

  1. My amazingly sweet, loving and handy husband.
  2. My inspiring, emotionally connected 17 year old son.
  3. My strong-willed, confident 17 year old bonus sun.
  4. My 3 loving dogs.
  5. My mom who showed me the importance of taking care of myself.
  6. My dad who taught me how to talk to strangers (in a good way).
  7. My curly hair.
  8. My beautiful home.
  9. My ability to see things in a unique way. Read the rest of this entry »

Fabulous Friday – Tony Peters

For today’s Fabulous Friday Success Story we feature a gentleman that has embraced the idea of Gratitude and spread the message of it’s positive impact.  Please give a round of applause for Tony Peters!

Fabulous Friday – Tony Peters

I started my gratitude journey about a year or so ago. I received an invite from my Facebook friend Nicole Bandes. She started something called the “Gratitude Project“, which was designed to spread the “positive” word. She challenged myself and others to post a daily gratitude thought every day until Thanksgiving of 2011. The mission was to pay it forward to as many people as possible over that time. I decided to dive right in and I haven’t stopped since.

I began with some really simple things like friends, family, and business successes. What began to happen as a result caught me a bit off guard. People began to tell me how much they liked and looked forward to my posts every day. I started posting in multiple social networking venues and began to get many connection requests. Some social media friends, who never commented on any of my posts, told me in person how much they inspired and touched them. I became truly inspired by the idea that my few words every day would have that kind of impact on people.

What this has done for me has been nothing short of life changing. I am thoroughly committed to being a warrior for positive change and success through helping others. I have grown and changed in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. I feel so much love and compassion for those who actively seek and desire better and more abundant lives. I have become a magnet for those folks and it has enriched my life and all those around me. I am able to see the good in all things. I have felt much deeper affection in my personal relationships and my businesses have been experiencing prosperity I haven’t seen in years. Most of all, I am honest with myself about staying grounded.  I never forget that I am just a messenger. It is not and has never been about me personally. Instead, it is about what I can do for others. Being humble and selfless have always been the most challenging of virtues for me. I am a work in progress, but I am really enjoying the journey now.


Have you ever committed to something for an extended period of time and were surprised by the results?
We’d love to hear from you!

And if you’d like to join this year’s Gratitude Project, check it out here!

Story Friday – Who Packed Your Parachute?

I first heard this story some time ago at a convention I was attending. The story had an impact on me and I remembered the lessons but soon forgot the story as I began to go through my daily life. I’m glad to be reminded of it once again and hope the message serves you as well as it did me.

-Nicole Bandes

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